Netki Wallet

Netki Wallet is a new innovative Bitcoin Wallet that tries to make it easier to use the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. No more cumbersome and confusing wallet addresses A Wallet Name is easy to remember, easy to share, and easy to use Humans know each other by name not by computer code Netki works by using a combination […]

Coinapult Bitcoin Wallet

The Coinapult team has been building Bitcoin technology since 2011, providing a secure and easy way to use the Bitcoin platform for everyone – from the newcomer to the seasoned bitcoin veteran. In 2015, Coinapult integrated with licensed financial institution, Crypto Capital, in order to bring seamless, bitcoin-friendly banking to our users and business partners. […]

Schildbach Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin Wallet is made for non-techy people to introduce the use of Bitcoin minus all the complicated steps. This Bitcoin wallet has no central service and provides zero trust so users can guarantee reliable and secure Bitcoin wallet service no matter what. Some of the features include: No registration, web service or cloud needed! This […]

Bither – Secure and Easy Online Payment Bitcoin Wallet

Bither is easy to use on any kind of PC or mobile platforms. Its Cold/Hot modes as well as its XRANDOM use entrophy sources to generate random numbers for users. No more credit card issues and payment troubles when you use Bither Bitcoin wallet. The wallet is available for Android, Apple iPhone (iOS) and Desktops […]

XAPO Bitcoin Wallet

The XAPO Bitcoin Wallet was funded by Wences Casares in 2011 and opened up to the public in 2014. The company is also extending its multi-signature, which require that three out of five private keys validate a withdrawal request before money is released, to all wallets. The private keys reside in offline servers and never come online – making them very difficult to […]