OnChain.IO Mobile Android Bitcoin Wallet

OnChain.IO is an Open Source mobile Android Bitcoin Wallet. Basically the onchain.io is a Hierarchical deterministic Bitcoin wallet.It can issue Master Public Keys and sign P2SH transactions created with those keys. More functionality coming soon. i.e. spend and receive via QR code. The onchain.io app can be used as a safer form of 2 factor […]

CarbonWallet – Secure Multi Signature Bitcoin Wallet

CarbonWallet is a Bitcoin Wallet with high security. Keys are split in two and require passphrase and verification from your mobile phone. CarbonWallet supports Multi Signature Transaction Support, BIT ID Authentification, HD Wallet and many more interesting features. The mobile Android Wallet OnChain.IO also supports Carbon Wallet. Sign up and log in at https://carbonwallet.com/

Onebit Bitcoin Wallet

Today, it is still ridiculously difficult to spend Bitcoin in the real world. Onebit is a bitcoin wallet app that lets you pay at any store with contactless mobile payment by giving you access to the creditcard payment network. Onebit converts your bitcoin in real-time into local currency. No more exchanges or wire transfers needed. […]

Breadwallet: Easy To Use Standalone Bitcoin Wallet

Breadwallet has a very simple design to allow users to use it in just about anywhere Bitcoin is accepted. It’s standalone so it’s secure and with its strong iOS security you will have peace of mind from malware, browser security breaches and theft. Breadwallet is Open Source and available for anyone to download and modify […]